Promote your business or corporation as a sponsor. It’s effective as our clientele are often your target clientele. The advantages of event sponsorships are significant. People see you. Your representatives can speak directly to real live people as this is not cold calling.

This event is ideal for corporate or small business sponsors targeting a specific range of clientele. Please call us for more information. Much of our supporting sponsors also include corporations and investors. COFN is looking for sponsors.

COFN are presenters and sponsors of public performances of musical, dance, artistic, cultural and community events; exhibitions of art, calligraphy and artworks from the premier artists from China; in fact, promotions of unique business ideas related to traditional knowledge with a modern application. We want more sponsors in cooperation with our developing community popularity to promote to the communities. In turn, you will be widely promoting your corporate name and business reputation directly to the communities in one location.

During October 2017, Canada One Family Network proudly presents the 2nd Age of Literati Cultural Festival “Memories of the Great Wall” (click here). With the extended sponsorship of Celebrate Markham and Heritage Canada’s Heritage Program, we are extending our programming to meet community demands for a wider audience.

Please email COFN at canadaonefamilynetwork@gmail.com or

call 416 399 7129 for more information on how we can work together for our community’s benefit.